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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.               175

She is exposed to hear many disagreeable speeches
and scenes, at which I do not wonder. She looks
sometimes dejected. The women of character,
though belonging to the Republic, do not associate
with her. She had only a companion, or toad-

General Hoche was one of the company, a
tolerable-looking young man, with nothing at all
martial in his countenance; grave and quiet, not
"en vainqueur d'Irlande"

When you consider how completely this nation
has been demoralised, and the kind of persons who
are to compose the rising generation, without con-
trol, education or example before them, you will
not wonder at my being incredulous as to the
prompt return of Astrea.

I was going to apply for Madame Martin-
ville's radiation the very day Lord Malmesbury
was ordered away. Perhaps an opportunity may
offer of serving her, but I must wait till it appears.
Madame d'Angevillers lives at Versailles, retired
behind her hair and veil, as usual.

I told you about the Dames Boufflers. The
old one is quite a skeleton; the younger looks
plump and well. It is supposed she is married
to Chevalier, to whom they express much gratitude
for saving their lives. Her son Emmanuel has got